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Many of the ways we cope have evolved over time. Chances are these coping strategies have been helpful to us at some point in our life or have been the best strategy we had available to us at that time. For example, many children and teenagers use food as a way of coping with very difficult emotions, this may have been helpful at that time; when we have limited tools at our disposal. However, over time these ways of coping may become problematic in themselves and may no longer be helpful. We can engage with these coping strategies – build on the ones that we feel are helpful to us and leave behind the ones that are unhelpful.

A supportive and collaborative therapeutic relationship can help us find the tools we need to let go of old ways of coping and develop new ways. The therapeutic relationship is a big vehicle for change and our non-judgemental and compassionate approach can aid in that personal growth.

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Kintsugi (translated as ‘Golden Joinery’) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with a lacquer containing a powdered metal, usually gold. This act of repair highlights that break as a thing of beauty and symbolises not the end of the object’s use but it’s journey. We believe that in the same way the events that occur in our lives have the potential to break us, but if we have the support to repair ourselves – the repaired version can be more beautiful with no need to cover up the cracks but embrace them as part of our journey.



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